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Was Christ Crucified?

March 25, 2010

A debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Floyd E. Clark

Great symposium held at the Royal Albert Hall, London on July 7th 1985 between Floyd E. Clark, Professor Emeritus, Johnson Bible College, USA and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, Muslim Scholar of the Christian Bible.

Teaching Resources

March 22, 2010

Visit the link to download free teaching resources designed and developed by Mariam & Fatima Masood. You can use the documents giving due credit to the developers of the  resources and the website. All files are downloadable MS Word documents.

Kindergarten Resources

Flash Cards – Teaching Vocabulary

Picture Bingo – Identifying First Sound and Words

Letter Formation – The Right Way of Writing Letters

Jolly Phonics Overview – Understanding Jolly Phonics Program

Jolly Phonics – The Actions – Actions Associated with Letters

Key Person Handover Record Sheet – Information Sheet

Shape Names – Printable Flash Cards

Colour Names – Printable Flash Cards

Number Names – Printable Flash Cards

Horizontal Subtraction

Horizontal Addition

Lower Primary Resources

Writing a Book Review – Year 2 Onwards

Improving You Child’s Reading – Suggestions

Science Quiz – Year 2 – General Knowledge Quiz

Fact Cards 1 – Year 2 Onwards – Building General Knowledge

Fact Cards 2 – Year 2 Onwards – Building General Knowledge

Fact Cards 3 – Year 2 Onwards – Building General Knowledge

Fact Cards 4 – Year 2 Onwards – Building General Knowledge

Science Sense – Activity Cards for Year 2 students

Mindful Math – Activity Cards for Year 2 students

Talk Cards Topics – Year 1-3 – Developing Spoken English

Salvation Exhibition

March 21, 2010

We have uploaded the slides of the Salvation Exhibition which was one of the main attractions at the Dubai International Peace Convention 2010. The slides/images are of high quality so their download might take some time. The themes addressed in the exhibition are listed below with a web-link.

Theme 1: Introduction
Theme 2 Submission
Theme 3: To Whom To Submit?
Theme 4: Why to Submit?
Theme 5: How to Submit?
Theme 6: Life of the Submitted
Theme 7: Astronomy & Geography
Theme 8: Embryology
Theme 9: History
Theme 10: Renaissance
Theme 11: Feticide
Theme 12: Smoking & Alcohol
Theme 13: Misconceptions – Clarifications