Salvation Exhibition

We have uploaded the slides of the Salvation Exhibition which was one of the main attractions at the Dubai International Peace Convention 2010. The slides/images are of high quality so their download might take some time. The themes addressed in the exhibition are listed below with a web-link.

Theme 1: Introduction
Theme 2 Submission
Theme 3: To Whom To Submit?
Theme 4: Why to Submit?
Theme 5: How to Submit?
Theme 6: Life of the Submitted
Theme 7: Astronomy & Geography
Theme 8: Embryology
Theme 9: History
Theme 10: Renaissance
Theme 11: Feticide
Theme 12: Smoking & Alcohol
Theme 13: Misconceptions – Clarifications

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3 Responses to “Salvation Exhibition”

  1. Mudassir Rehman Says:

    Asalaam o alikum
    Do you have images of any other exhibition conducted by IRF ?


    • mftwins Says:

      Walaikum Assalam!

      Sorry we don’t have any other slides. If we get hold ofthem we will surely post them.

      Jazak Allahu Khair

  2. mudassir rehman Says:

    Asalaam o alikum… did you manage to get theses images ?

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