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August 14, 2008

This blog was written to give refuge to many thoughts that arise from the heart and descend from the mind. We, Mariam and Fatima or MF Twins, have always enjoyed sharing our wondrous and weird thoughts with each other; now we present them (still not all) to the world to read and review.

Through this blog we present a variety of our work, our article for children, The Friday Class, which is published in a Dubai based magazine fortnightly, some quotations or sayings that express our thoughts, a collection of digital photographs which we have clicked over the past few years and much more.

From our interactions with people we have realized that many people are curious to know about twins; how they think and feel. This blog will also give an insight to how identical twins can be similar and in what ways they are different. Yes, we are just one example… surely a unique one to find.

 We are sure our blog will offer you something of your interest. You are welcome to scroll through our posts/pages.