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I Know Who You Are!

October 11, 2008

It is great to share an important piece of information with all of you. Our first novel titled ‘I Know Who You Are!’ is currently being published in the United Kingdom. It will be available in book stores in the UK and the UAE in spring 2009. 

You can take a get to know more about the book on its official website.

Do post in any comments, especially your opinion about the concept of Character Skins.


Quotations & Sayings

August 14, 2008


A big hello from Mariam and Fatima!


The latest addition to the site is a page on quotes and sayings written by us. The sayings are based on concepts that have guided us in life and we are thankful these concepts formed before any tough lesson of life. We were gifted with wisdom long before we needed it. A scary title of a book comes to the mind is, ‘Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart’, we are thankful our case has been the opposite.


Once again, you are all welcome to add more quotations on the page and fill up the treasure.


Take Care.